This mod has been out for quite a while but back in February, the original creator stopped updating it. So as a request we have taken over updating these from now on. 
It is a pleasure to do so and we hope we made a lot of you happy now that these are updated for your use!
If you play Legacy please use this version: Legacy Version 
This mod clones and reworks over 100 traits from the game, which means that your selection of trits expands twice!
If your bored with the current selection then this is for you.

The traits are separated by pack, and so please if you do not have that pack remove that folder before placing in your game as there is a chance they will either not show up or not work at all.
⋆11/17/20 Removed Frugal from BaseGame folder while error is being sorted out. Fixed to work better with Sim Profiles​​​​​​​
⋆1/28/21 Added Brave from Paranormal pack
⋆3/24/21 Fixed the Chopstick Savvy missing strings and added Frugal back to Base Game folder

Alternate Download - Patreon

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