There are three main tracks before you have to pick the branch you want to enter:
 Everyone has to start somewhere, so here you are in the position of intern which is no better than coffee runner. Your dreams are to make it to the top someday, but in the meantime...who wants coffee? 
Code Hunter
Congrats to {0.SimFirstName}, now instead of having to listen to the orders of the programmers about how a code isn't working they get to know the pain for themselves. Time to learn HTML, XML, and Python and pray they become a coding genius.
Wielding a rare combination of technical and political skills {0.SimFirstName} is making a path towards their dreams! While innovative work is still a faint glimmer on the horizon, it’s finally in view, and not everything is a totally mind-numbing chore. It will all be worth it in the end.
With this career, there are three branches:
As a tester, it is your job to make sure any game that is released works properly and has little to no bugs in a game. You will test everything from RPGs, MMORPGs, and simulation games to make sure they are releasable to the public and even still they test any features they get released in the future.
Tracks inside: Closed Alpha Tester, Closed Beta Tester, Open Beta Tester, Full Time Corporate Video Game Tester
Community Relations
Community relations refers to the various methods companies use to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which they operate. The use of community relations helps a game company grow and even keep those who join their games' community happy by helping in any way they can.
Tracks inside: Live Support Agent, Quality Assurance, Public Relations Manager, Community Service Manager, Director of Communications 
The designers are responsible for the games' storylines and plots, user interfaces, in-game objectives, maps, scenarios, the degree of difficulty, and character development. Is your sim up to the task of meeting hard deadlines and stay ing up late to meet said deadlines?
Tracks inside:  Project Manager, Programmer, Game Designer, Level Designer, Game Artist
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