So we were looking around Mod the Sims for an aging mod as we can't use MCCC due to it lagging our game down some. And we found quite a few, however, they either said they were outdated or they said the last update was in 2018 after the Cats & Dogs patch.
So instead of trying out each one and possibly breaking or corrupting or game, we recreated one of them.
This is the mod we were looking at as we made ours: Original
When it comes to the math that they did we did the same and came up with the exact same numbers as them. We wanted to mention this so everyone can know we actually put in the work to make this.
The numbers below are based on the lifespan being set to normal. Short will halve numbers and long will either double or quadruple them (a lot of the mods we looked at were split about how the long lifespan was calculated by the game).
Old Lifespan
Baby - 2
Toddler  - between 7-9
Child  - between 13-15
Teen - between 13-15
Young Adult  - between 22-25
Adult - between 22-25
Elder  - between 9-12
Puppy - 1.5
Adult - 17-20
Elder  - 5-7
Kitten - 1.5
Adult - 21-24
Elder - 6-8

New Lifespan
Baby  - 28
Toddler  - 84
Child - 252
Teen - 140
Young Adult - 336
Adult - 840
Elder  - 588 (will show in-game as 1,680)
Puppy  - 28
Adult - 224-252
Elder  - 56-112
Kitten  - 28
Adult - 252-280
Elder  - 56-140
There are two versions one for people that have cats and dogs and one without.
This mod alters the sims.aging xml and will conflict with any mod altering the same file.

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