There are 6 levels available, as follows:
Not an actual part of the mafia, but it will be the sim's job of working with the soldiers and capos in various criminal activities. This sim will simply work for the mob and do anything they ask if they are needed.
Soldiers are the street level mobsters and this sim is now one of them. This sim will go out of their way to make sure their capo makes money and shakes down those who are holding out on them. This sim will stick their neck out for those in their specific mob. 
The Captain of the crime family. This sim will manage their own crew in the family and given a designated area to operate in or a racket that all depends on the Boss. The capo relies heavily on how much money they bring into the family and this sim is no different.
This sim is now the advisor to the Underboss and The Boss. Consiglieres are there to help make those impartial decisions that are usually based on fairness and the good of the Mafia family. This sim will never get involved in the business and criminal operations but they will still get that respect. They earned it after all.
The underboss is under the boss and this sim just made it there. This sim is now the second in command now it is their job to resolve disputes without getting the big boss involved. They will also be groomed to take the place of the boss.
The Boss
Congrats this sim now runs this town and is the boss of everything and everyone. This sim will be making all the major decisions and resolves all major disputes within the mafia family.
Neia Common Careers package is needed but if you already have that file in your mods folder DO NOT download it again.
Alternate Download -Patreon
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