Like the title says this mod stops sims from cooking on their own. I made this mod when I saw a lot of people in Basemental’s server with this bug:

Now with this mod installed you will have to directly tell your sims to make food but if you do so while the hunger bar is full they won’t eat it, but if you tell them when the bar is halfway or low the sim will eat the food right away.
❝Current Bugs?❞
Sims won’t eat leftovers when hunger bar is low. You have to direct them to eat it
Other than that one bug the mod does work. But if you do find an issue please let us know.
Possible conflict with LMS Prefer Leftovers
⋆3/18/21 Added cooking on the grill and campfires.

When hunger is low any food that is out on tables or counters sims will eat. QUICK MEALS ARE NOT AFFECTED
Alternate Download - Patreon

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