There are 5 levels available, as follows;

You're the first person other than a bar people go to when they are down in the dumps and need the love they can't get at home. It's your job to bring a smile to their face and a glassy look in their eye. You will make the feel like they are the only one each time. Make them keep coming back. The back alleyways and the shady hotels are your stomping grounds.

Yes, you're still doing this and you have gotten so good at it that you are now out of those shady hotels and back alleyways. Now you walk the halls of spas and resorts offering yourself as something extra for the clients to enjoy. Does it matter that you enjoy it almost as much as they do?

Fille de Joie
Out of back alleys, spas, and shady hotels to dancing the night away in a club. Oh, you still sell yourself but now it's not because you have to but because you like how those men and women make you feel cherished and loved even if for a few hours.

 You made it this far. As an escort have the right to say no to sex and you aren't necessarily required to have it but you being you, sex is always on the table. How could it not? Having men and women paying for your time and even paying you to strip and do naughty things with them is arousing and makes you feel powerful. 

Brothel Owner
 You reached the top. You are now a pimp or as you would like to personally call it, a brothel owner. Those prostitutes out there walking the streets and spas, stripping in clubs are now yours to command. The money yours to have a cut of. No one can tell you want to do. And sex with you is what every client angles for. Don't let the power go to your head.

You’ll work on a few different skills, mainly Dancing and Charisma, but if you don’t want to do these, you can just right-click on them in the career panel to complete them, if you have the UI CHEATS EXTENSION MOD installed.
Neia Common Careers package is needed but if you already have that file do not install it again.
Alternate Download - Patreon
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