Original Mod Description: 
This mod will slow down the progression of making friends and romantic partners. I found it strange how I was able to quickly make best frienads and marry other sims in about a sim-day. This will make it a bit harder to make good friends or partners, making friends is now an accomplishment. I did not reduce the loss, so you would probably not want to make sims mad or jealous (unless you want to). Also, I increased the gain on "the first kiss" "woohoo" and "Go on Date" interactions, especially at early levels in the relationship progression. Putting an incentive to want to get romantically involved. I may tweak changes or interaction gain as needed.
 Tweaked Resources:
Overridden Resource: (Vanilla Value Gain)->(New Value Gain)
Rel_Gain_Small: (1.5)->(0.5)
Rel_Gain_Medium: (2.5)->(1.5)
Rel_Gain_Large: (8.0)->(3)
Rel_Gain_VeryLarge: (5.0)->(5)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Large: (4.5)->(0.5)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Huge: (15)->(1)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Small: (1.5)->(.15)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Medium: (3.0)->(.25)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Huge_HighStrength: (20)->(1.5)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Medium_HighStrength: (4)->(1.5)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Medium_LowStrength: (1.5)->(1)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Medium_MediumStrength: (2.0)->(1)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Small_HighStrength: (2.0)->(.75)
Loot_LTR_Romance_Small_MediumStrength: (1.0)->(.75)
Don't let the small new values scare you. Yaou can still make friends and romances in one same day, it just requires more work. 
ALSO, these interactions have been buffed: Ask on Date, Woohoo, and First kiss to encourage actually trying to be romantic with your partner rather than spamming "flirt" interaction.
They give the above new values but multiple times.(EX: Woohoo gives Huge_HighStrength(1.5) but 3 times for a total of 4.5 with one interaction)
These numbers may not make sense so to sum: Friendship grows about 1/2 progression and Romance at 1/3. 
Compatible with 1.67.45 patch
Conflicts: Should not conflict with any mod unless they override the above resources
Alternate download - Patreon

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